About Me

I’m a rising senior and computer science major (Class of 2022) at Smith College, a historically women’s college in western Massachusetts. My main interest is machine learning, particularly generation tasks- I’m hoping to do my senior thesis on music generation.

About My Mentor

My mentor is Maja Mataric, a professor of computer science, neuroscience, and pediatrics from the Interactions Lab at University of Southern California. The Interactions Lab focuses on socially assistive robotics, a field that aims to design robots to help people without physically contacting them. I’m also working with Nathan Dennler, a PhD student in the Interactions Lab.

About My Project

The goal of my project is to generate an array of texts where one “axis” that they vary on is length and the other is the sentiment of a review. Through Pyribs, a python package, I use quality diversity algorithms to create sentences that prioritizes finding multiple good sentences that fit into multiple categories, rather than one singular “best” sentence.

My Final Report

My Blog

My Blog